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Cloud Mini Tray

Cloud Mini Tray

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There's something about the Sky and the Clouds that brings me joy and serenity. I've longed for a mini tray to "hold the sky in my hands." We carefully chose a Satin Blue finish—neither too shiny nor too matte—while the Clouds carry a subtle shine.

For this new edition, we've upgraded the material to stoneware, enhancing the resilience and quality of our "Cloud" products. 🌤️


  • Length: 18cm
  • Width: 9,5cm
  • Height: 2cm

All our pieces are:

  • Dishwasher and microwave safe.
  • Food safe.
  • Cadmium Free.
  • Material: Stoneware with less than 3% absorption.

Due to our artisanal process, no two pieces are exactly alike, celebrating individuality. Glaze colors may vary slightly due to production techniques. Feel free to reach out for more info.

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